Do the management of your car fleet appear to be a desperate mission? Paycity is the solution you were looking for. With a simple app, you will have all the administrative practices, the sanctions, the deadlines and much more in your hand.   

Car Fleet Management

PayCity is the tech solution for the companies with a car fleet. The innovative software allows you to manage you cars based on the license plate and set usage limits of the car. Your car fleet will always be under control!  

Everything just a click away!

Explore and analyze every aspect of your corporate fleet, from payments to the infringements received and much more. Furthermore it is possible to consult the statistics, filter the infringements based on the reference year and export the data in Excel.

Our solution

Many advantages, all in on a unique, simple software: Paycity is the best way to manage some of the bureaucratic aspects of your fleet. It manages the deadlines, assigns the vehicles to the users and sorts automatically the infringements, giving the possibility to your employees to pay them directly by the app.  


Stop to paper, all the proofs of payment and the deadlines on your software.


A simple and intuitive interface to control your fleet. Check who has driven the car, if there are infringements and follow every step of the re-headings to whom effectively was the driver.


PayCity was developed using the safest and the newest technologies. It satisfies the safest standards for your data and your privacy.