Goodbye files

Through Paycity you will have access to the payment mades, everything in cloud. Stop to paper or lost receipts: you will just need to open the Paycity app to consult the documents you need. 

Not just fines

On Paycity you will be able to register also info related to the taxes, insurance and the overhaul, in this way you will receive a reminder for each deadline. 

Many advantages all in one App

Many advantages all in one, simple app: Paycity is the best way to manage some of the bureaucratic aspects which waste our time. Everything is just a click away. What are you waiting for? Download the Paycity app! 


Stop to paper, everything will be in your smartphone.


A simple and intuitive interface to facilitate your daily operation.


PayCity was developed using the safest and newest technologies. It satisfies the safest standards for your data and your privacy.